Fields of translation

You are offered translation services in many fields, including law, economy and insurance.
Below you will see examples of documents translated, listed by type of entities:


  • Memorandum of Association / Articles of Association
  • Resolutions of Shareholders’ Meetings
  • Power of Attorney
  • financial statement
  • chartered auditor’s report
  • transcripts from the Register of Entrepreneurs (KRS)
  • REGON, NIP and VAT certificates, etc.
  • agreements (different types, e.g. Service Agreement, Sales/Purchase Agreement, License Agreement)
  • Notarial Deed
  • invoices
  • bank statements
  • insurance policies, General Terms and Conditions of Insurance
  • presentations / catalogues / brochures

Cultural and scientific institutions:

  • EC Grant Agreement
  • Subsidy Contract
  • Consortium Agreement
  • Partnership Agreement

Machines/equipment distributors:

  • EC Declaration of Conformity
  • Test Report
  • EC-Type Examination Certificate
  • Import Certificate
  • Animal and Public Health Certificate
  • Cooperation / Distribution / Agency Agreement etc.
  • Guarantre Terms and Conditions


  • certificates issued by the Registry Office (USC): birth certificate, death certificate, entry of marriage, etc.
  • Certificate of Clean Criminal Record
  • vehicle registration documents – Registration Certificate, Certificate of Title, etc.
  • Power of Attorney
  • tax return forms (PIT)
  • certificates issued by the Inland Revenue / Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)
  • certificates issued by the Municipal Social Welfare Centre (MOPS)
  • official statements assessing disability
  • documents necessary for court litigation:

divorce decrees, maintenance orders, etc. – in family cases
transcripts from the Land and Mortgage Register, transcript from the Land and Property Register, the Will – in inheritance cases

  • school certificates, university/higher school diplomas
  • professional title certificates
  • certificates of employment
  • certificates issued by the Chamber of Physicians and Dentists
  • standard medical documents – medical certificate / hospital discharge summary